Thursday, October 20, 2011


Time flies. Semester is ending soon, in less than 1 month time.
Assignments are getting tougher and tougher each semester and Orchestra is getting busier and busier with tons of events. 
Life was once colorful with the gang in orchestra. Yet, people come and go (too fast) and the color of life faded. Met with the darlings for late dinner, bak kut teh after orchestra practice. Had a very nice chat with them, especially Darling Karen. She has been graduated from Uni and left the orchestra for quite some times. Haven't been seeing her for like few months. 2 hours of chatting in the car is totally not enough for us to caught up with each other's life. But, I get back the familiar feeling that I once lost it ever since she left Uni. She is the only in orchestra that I can really talk to and share my stories, without any worries. Too many things happened recently and I have no clue on who to talk to. I am glad she was here with me tonight. 
Hope to see you soon. :)

Good night

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Anonymous said...

just relax....everything will be ok...